How did I feel About My First Bike Trip To Kedarnath?

Many people go to Kedarnath Temple by Bus, Car, Taxi, and Helicopter. But some people have a dream to go to Kedarnath by bike. In this blog, I will tell you how can you complete the Kedarnath trip by bike.

When I was planning my trip to Kedarnath, then I find out there are only a few affordable options for traveling to Kedarnath like; Buses or Taxis, or cars. Then I realized Buses have a flaw of consuming a day in traveling and also they’re limited, in case if I missed boarding then I have to change my all plans. Taxi and personal car is comfortable but one will require a great budget and another required a lot of experience.

Anyone can complete a bike trip to Kedarnath with a little bit of planning. You can travel by your bike or can also rent a bike from different traveling agencies providing them. A bike trip to Kedarnath can be completed from may to novemeber in 1500-2000 INR per head on a personal bike which may cost double while renting the bike.

In this blog, I will share my personal experience of the Kedarnath bike trip and how I managed food, accommodation, etc. on my own on a small budget. Further, you will also be given some details about the travel agencies to rent a bike and what you should do and not do on this trip.

Kedarnath Temple

Bike Trip to Kedarnath

Kedarnath Temple is one of the most famous Hindu temples in India with an elevation of 3553 meters which is situated in Rudraprayag District of Dehradun in the Himalayan Range near the Mandakini River. Kedarnath Mandir is famous because of Lord Shiva and its great mysterious history, which even the greatest scientists failed to find. Before sharing my experience of a bike trip to Kedarnath I would like to tell some history of the Kedarnath temple, which would increase your excitement level. 

History of Kedarnath Temple

Kedarnath temple is one of the Dham of  Chhota Char Dham of Uttarakhand, it’s the most important Kedar of Panch-Kedar, and also a Jyotirlinga out of 12 Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva which is a triangle in Shape. Due to weather conditions, this temple opens only from May to November only.

This temple was constructed by Pandavas King Janamejaya which was later revamp by Adi Shankara in the 8th century. This temple is 1000 years old and Geologists claimed that the temple was stuck under the snow for 400 years. Even after being stuck under the snow for 400 years the temple still in good condition, that’s the reason that scientists were not shocked when the temple remains unharmed during the flood of 2013.

According to the ancient story, Lord Shiva was in the look of a bull when the Heroes of Mahabharata came to Kedarnath. Because Pandavas were very desperate for the darshan of Lord Shiva but Lord Shiva was angry with them. When Pandavas find out that Lord Shiva is in the Look of Bull then Lord Shiva tries to get hide in the Land but Pandav Bheem captures the back of the bull. Then Lord Shiva divided himself into 5 different parts to get escape from the Bheem and. That parts are divided like this;

  1. Hair of Bull in Kalpeshwar
  2. The face of a bull at Rudranath
  3. The midsection of a bull in Madhyamaheshwar
  4. The hump of a bull in the Kedarnath. 
  5. Four legs of Bull In Tungnath (I already posted a Blog on Tungnath you can also read that)

Trip to Kedarnath by Bike

If you don’t have your own bike then first you have to reach Delhi or Rishikesh from any corner of the country and don’t forget to carry your original Driving License and Aadhar card. Stonehead Bikes can provide you bikes from both Delhi and Rishikesh. While if you want to rent a bike from Rishikesh and to do some adventure activities then you can contact Tour On 2 wheels, they can deliver a bike to you but only within Rishikesh. These companies will give you a complimentary helmet also for your safety.

I started my trip from Meerut on my bike (Apache Rtr 160 4V) in the starting I was a little worried about his performance because the other driver going to travel with Bullet (Classic 350). By the way, just exactly one year before I took my bike to the Kasol, but Kasol altitude is less than Sonprayag.

Pauri, Uttarakhand

But I don’t get disappointed with my bike at all, even it performed the same as the bullet. Even I noticed that many people are with 100cc bike there. You just have to nicely deal with your clutch then you can go there even on a Splendor also. Even my father covered all four Char Dham of Uttarakhand on his scooter-chetak when he was of my age.

My other 3 friends were waiting for me in Najibabad, from there were 2 people on each bike and each bike carrying almost 150 kg weight. Moving forward from Najibabad we moved towards Kotdwar, then passing Kura Range from Dhounrighora to Pauri we reached Srinagar. Google Maps doesn’t show you this route. If you take a bike on rent from Delhi then you can take this route.

Bike trip to Kedarnath
Pauri Route to Kedarnath

I don’t know why Google maps don’t show this route but this route is much bigger and well constructed in comparison to the Rishikesh route, we get to see every basic facility on that route and only a few vehicles. We almost saved our 2 hours by choosing that way. If you coming from Delhi or any part of West India then you can also take this route but first, you have to reach Kotdwar from Meerut. The one thing of which we were very clear is that we must have to reach the decided stop before 6:30 pm to finish our trip within the expected budget.

From Srinagar passing through Tilwara, we reach Bhiri which was 40 km before our endpoint the day. We get late because roads were under construction at that time and we decided to stop in Bhiri because roads were not good and safe to drive there at night. When we end our day before the point on which we were decided to stop,  we think our whole budget is going to be disturbed now.

But we were lucky, We live in a homestay (N.P Bhatt Home Stay) run by a retired colonel and we get a room with an attached bathroom and with 2 double beds for just 700 Rupees. Which was just 1.5 timeless than the price of the room in  Sonprayag or the places before that. That day I realized if we stay before the main tourist point in the mountains then we can get the accommodation at a very cheap price. Colonel Sir provides us proper homemade dinner at just 80 rupees per plate. Which was the healthiest and tastiest meal ever made in any of my travels.

Then the next day we leave at 6 in the morning to Sonprayag and reached by 8 am, Vehicles are not allowed to go beyond that point. Then, There we parked our bikes and pay 50 rupees per bike for the first 24 hours and 30 rupees for each helmet for the first 24 hours. Then before moving we show our registration slip and valid ID card on the registration counter center. Registration can be done from the Uttarakhand Char Dham Devasthanam Management Board website.

If you want to start your trek from Sonprayag then you can. But we took a shared taxi to Gaurikund for which we paid 30 rupees per head. In the Gaurikund there is a hot water spring that was very dirty so instead of bathing in it after having our breakfast, we started our trek from around 10 am.

If you want to go by Helicopter then, in that case, you don’t need to come to Sonprayag. Helipads are a few kilometers before the Sonprayag. We already knew that the trek is almost about 16 to 18 km and an average person takes 7 hours to cover the trek from Gaurikund to Kedarnath Base Camp. But we chose to trek instead of harming any animals for our fun.

If you think you can’t trek then Pony and Palki services options are also available. For Pony, the price starts from 2300 rupees and for palki, the price starts from 4500 rupees depends on the person’s weight. If you want to trek for some distance and then you want palki or pony service, that option is also available.

Trek Route – After Gaurikund we reach Jungle Chatti, which is 4 km away from the Gaurikund. Then 2 km from Junglee Chatti we reach Bheem Bali and just after 2 km we reach Rudra waterfall. From Rudra waterfall the trek is divided into two directions, one is going upward and another is going downward. Upwards trek is less in distance in comparison to the downwards but straight, so we were choose the downward route. I will suggest you that route because it consumes less energy.

Kedarnath Trek

Then after some time, we reach Rambara. The sad thing we notice that after 2013 only Rambara name exists there, that place is destroyed after the flood. After 4 km from Rambara, we reached Linchauli and then the Kedarnath Base Camp. From Kedarnath Base, Camp Kedarnath temple is just 500 m away.

Kedarnath Trek Route:- Sonprayag – Gaurikund – Jungle Chatti – Bheem Bali – Rambara – Linchauli – Kedarnath Base camp – Kedarnath Temple

I reached 2 hours before my friends at Base camp and waited there in the Nandi complex, there were sharing tents and rooms both are available. The cost for sharing a tent was 300 rupees per head and for sharing a room 800 per head at that time, in the room. Two bathrooms are attached to the room and they’ll provide you two blankets also but if you pay for the tent then you have to use the common washroom and also instead of blankets they will give you a sleeping bag to sleep in.

Kedarnath Base Camp
Kedarnath Base Camp

The owner of the complex refused to bargain, then we decided to move forward. On the left hand down to the stairs, we see GMVN cottage where we take a sharing room after some bargaining for 300 per head per day. They normally charge 600 rupees per bed per day but we were lucky that we get 4 beds for just 2400 rupees for 2 days. This only happened because tourism was badly affected by covid, while in 2019 my friend paid Rs 500 per person just to sleep in Cottage’s Corridor.

GMVN cottage is just next to the Helipad but there is only sharing washroom and that time we paid 50 rupees for per hot bucket water to bath. The canteen is also nearby and they charge 100 rupees per meal and 30 rupees per liter for hot drinking water.

Things to do in Kedarnath

1. Vasuki Tal – Vasuki Tal is 4800 M above sea level and according to Hindu Mythology, Lord Vishnu bathed there on Rakshabandhan. Vasuki Lake is surrounded by mountains. Vasuki Lake is sequenced as a moderate to challenging trek, so we started that trek at 9 am is after taking the permission of the Sector Magistrate and hire a local guide for 800 INR per person. Permission of Sector Magistrate is mandatory and Sector Magistrate office is near to the GMVN canteen. 

Vasuki Tal
Vasuki Tal

Out of 4, we only 2 decide to go there, I and my friend start the trek with one water bottle, one soft drink, some peanuts, and chocolate but the trek was tough my friend give up even before crossing 1st mountain. Vasuki trek is about 8 km and to reach Vasuki Lake I crossed 3 different mountains.

Vasuki Tal Trek
Vasuki Tal Trek

The problem was the water source is limited on that trek, and we went with only a 1L bottle. We refill that in the mid of the first mountain but then after that, I got the water by reaching Vasuki Lake only. The lake was so beautiful and peaceful. Only a few trekkers go for it, and even only 1 or 2 of them complete the journey because that trek is not like the Kedarnath trek where you get many shops and shelter points to rest.

Vasuki Tal
Vasuki Tal

Only me and my guide were on the lake at that time and around 2 pm we decided to go back, we reach Kedarnath base camp by 5:30 pm and then I met my friends at Kedarnath temple.

2. Kedarnath Temple – In the Kedarnath temple, you get the darshan of Lord Shiva. But after the darshan, you become curious about the history and the powers of that place. The mark of snow outside and inside the temple will tell you that there is a world is beyond science and both are controlled by Lord Shiva. In the front of the gate, Nandi Maharaj is sitting and inside the temple statue of Five Pandavas existence.

Kedarnath Temple
Evening Scene of Kedarnath Temple

We take the aarti of Kedar Dham with other Devotees, which was an amazing experience of my life, I can’t express the vibes of that time in words but I just want to say that feeling was awesome.

Pooja rituals start4 am
Temple open for darshan6 am
Afternoon Recess3 pm to 5 pm

Visitors can touch idle and do Abhishek with Ghee
Before 3 pm only
Evening Aarti6 pm
Darshan Ends at7 pm
Timings of Kedarnath Temple

3. Bhairav Temple – In the South of Kedarnath Temple, Bhairav Baba Mandir is situated, and to reach there you have to trek for 1 km. Bhairav Baba is the protector of the Kedarnath Temple and from the temple, you will get a hypnotizing view of the Himalayas and Kedar Valley.

Kedarnath View

4. Modi Cave – Don’t get confused with the name, the cave is not made by any Modi. The cave is known as Modi cave because our honorable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi had mediated there. To reach the cave you have to trek for 2 km.

Source – Dailypioneer

5. Gandhi Sarovar – Gandhi Sarovar is also known as Chorabari Lake because of being situated on the mouth of the Chorabari Bamak glacier. Chorabari Lake is an elevation of 3900 meters with crystal clear water and the melting of ice in Chorabari Lake was the reason for the disaster in Kedarnath.

The 3 km trek commences from the Kedarnath iron bridge and ends on Lake. Gandhi Sarovar lake can be reached throughout the year but try to avoid going there when in winters because then you will have to carry lots of things to eat from Sonprayag as there is no shop on Gandhi Sarovar lake and the shops will be closed in Kedarnath Base Camp.   

Things to carry

  1. Water Bottle – The most important thing for which a person is most queries on the trek is food and water. For water, you need to carry just your water bottle. After every 300-500 meter a tap came from where you can refill your water and that water is directly coming from the Himalayas which is purer than Bisleri. We only had 1 water bottle and we were divided into 2 groups due to a speed problem. So we bought another water bottle otherwise there is no sense of spending money on water over there.
  2. Food Items – In trekking Chocolate and Peanuts give a lot of energy, carry them as much as possible. The price of things in the mountains is twice the MRP. If you can carry Chips, Biscuits, Chewing gum, etc. then carry them, and if you can’t then you can easily get them there too. There are also stalls for proper meals and snacks.
  3. Rain Coat and Cap – The climate in mountains is different from the plain area. Rain and hot sun both can create problems in trekking and the whole treks there are hardly 20-30 shelters present. So try to carry a raincoat, show cover, and cap to continually walking.
  4.  For bikers – Always carry a tool kit and puncture kit because in mountains mechanics are not present everywhere. Also, carry a spark plug, chain lubricant, accelerator wire, and a small pack of engine oil for the case of emergency and always ride a tube-less tire bike.
  5. Clothes – Don’t carry too many clothes, they will only increase weight and cause a problem for you. 2-3 pairs of clothes are enough but don’t forget to carry extra socks and a handkerchief. Carry a woolen jacket and gloves with them as well.

Important Tips and Tricks

  • Instead of eating in the canteen, eat at the Bhandara organized 3 times a day between Kedarnath Temple and Base Camp. Food is very tasty and healthy which serve to all the devotees as a prasad of Lord Shiva. You can donate there as much you want but don’t forget to wash your utensils after eating.
  • Instead of staying in Sonprayag try to stay few kilometers before that to get a room at a very less price and if you stay in Homestays then you will get Homemade food also.
  • A day before trekking always drinks as much water as you can and get well-hydrated on the trek.
  • Carry chocolates,  biscuits, peanuts, and other snacks on the trek, and don’t forget to bring back the packet of things. Keep nature and mountains net and clean.
  • Don’t forget to check the air pressure of your bike after every 100 km and refill your tank before it goes on reserve.
  • The local people there earn only 5-6 months so they want to earn as much as they can. That’s why it’s not bad to little bargain there.
  • Carry cash for emergencies and make payment online where ever as possible.

Cost of Trip

ObjectsWe paid
Parking and others500
Guide800 per head
Accomdetaion 3100
The Expense of Four People

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