Bungee Jump in Delhi-NCR

Yes, Delhi people you read it right. Now you can do a Bungee jump in Delhi NCR also. Now you don’t have to especially go to Rishikesh for a bungee jump neither you wait that when you’re going to Goa or Pune then only you’re gonna do a bungee jump. Bungee Jump is now available in your own city and that is only for 799 Rupees. (Hurry Up! Offer is limited for some time only)

Life is dangerous at every moment. So whenever you get a chance to choose or add some adventure to your life by yourself, don’t miss that chance. Because the adventures and foolish things you did in your life will inspire you more than anything in life.

Indya Bungy started bungee in Delhi NCR. They already provide bungees in Goa and Pune. They have a 100% successful record. Their staff is also well trained and professional. They check your equipment many times before the bungee. So you can completely trust them for Bungee.

Don’t be afraid of being afraid. Be afraid of not facing your fear and failure. 

Bungee Jump in Delhi NCR
Bungee Jump

Conditions for Bungee

Everyone has the right to add adventure to their life but Bungee can be a dangerous sport if you already have some physical problem. So, here some rules and things which you must have to know before going for a bungee jump. Because the ticket is non-refundable and non-transferable, so if you buy your ticket before knowing these things then all your money going to be wasted.

There are 12 minimum ages required to do bungee and there is no maximum limit, you just need to be just fit and fine. The minimum weight required is 35 kg well the maximum allowed is around 110 kg. Pregnant ladies are not allowed to do a Bungee jump and those with photosensitive epilepsy. And if you have osteoporosis, scoliosis, or a recent concussion, have to show a doctor’s certificate first. Also, make sure to rest well, hydrated, and properly eaten before the jump.

Don’t wear loose clothes, slippers, or sandals at the jump. Also, don’t wear don’t any expensive things like a Chain, Ring, or Watch because the staff is not responsible if they fall down into the water. Try to reach a few minutes before your slot. So that you never run out of time and complete your activity without in hurry.

Don’t forget to tell your bungee crew if you high/low blood pressure, a heart condition, or if you had any recent muscular injuries.

Procedure of Booking

If you don’t want a promotional discount, then you can directly book your pass from the Indya Bungy website but if you want to grab the offer then you have to go on their Instagram page and they’ll provide you the rest of the details. After contacting them you receive a coupon code and reference code. Use them to grab the promotional offer.

Your work is not over yet. After booking your pass you have to reserve your slot (Choose your slot date and timing very carefully because the slot can be shifted in only special conditions). Condition like bad weather or if you have any some serious problem and in that case, you have to call them on 8506865393.

We can’t get the same thing again once it has gone. So, capture your experience and bravery in the video. Book your video before going on the bungee jump location only in Rupees 499 because on the spot it’s 999 Rupees. After the jump, they will give you a certificate also.

Bungee Jump Certificate
Bungee Jump Certificate

Location & How to Reach

Location – Sector 56, Dayma Rd, Gurugram, Haryana (Delhi/NCR)

Note – Click on the link to get the Direction on Google Map

If you have your own vehicle, then it’s the best way to reach Bungee Point. If you don’t have your own vehicle, then the second-best way to reach Bungee Point is by metro. First, you have to take a metro for Sikandarpur which is on the yellow line towards Huda City Centre. At Sikandarpur you have to change the metro and then take Rapid Metro for Sector 55-66 and from there you can take an auto or you can book a cab to Bungee Point.

Note –  Price can be changed by the Company. So, confirm the price before booking.

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