Chakrata – All Details, 2021

Chakrata is the cantonment town in the Dehradun district of Uttarakhand. Chakrata is a beautiful hill station that is approximately 100 km away from the winter state capital, Dehradun. Chakrata is 2118 meters above sea level and lies between the Yamuna river and the tons. In comparison to other tourist places of Uttarakhand, Chakrata has a very small mall road. Most of the tourists go there only to snowfall and honeymoon. In earlier times, Chakrata was a cantonment of the British Indian Army and now because of the proximity to China, it’s heavily guarded by the Tibetan unit of the Indian Army.

No foreigners are allowed in Chakrata due to security reasons. Chakrata is a worthy place to visit even after so many restrictions. Chakrata is very close to Himachal Pradesh, Mussoorie, and Tehri also but traveling there in the monsoon is not a good idea because you will find road blockages due to landslides. Markets are also not so big there but you will get all the necessary things and good accommodation there without any problem. As being close to the Indo-China border and as per the rules of India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation for unmanned crafts in India you are not allowed to fly drones there.

Chakrata, Uttarakhand

How to Reach Chakrata

Chakrata can be easily reached from Dehradun only, there are only two ways one is from Mussoorie and the other is from Vikasnagar. It’s better if you take the Vikasnagar route because it has well-built and enough big roads. Flights, trains, and buses are directly available from Delhi to Dehradun. Dehradun Railway station is the nearest railway station to Chakrata, while Jolly Grant Airport is the nearest airport. There is no direct bus to Chakrata from Dehradun, you have to take a bus to Vikasnagar then from there you have to take a shared taxi or else you can take a direct taxi to Chakrata from Dehradun.

November to February is the peak season for Chakrata, so try to reach there on time because there are only hardly 20 hotels available. In case you can’t find a hotel in the Chakrata then you can go to Dakra village which is just 6 km away and a very beautiful and peaceful place. You wouldn’t regret it if you spend some time in Dakra and many resorts are also available in between the route.

Map Route: – Dehradun – Selakui – Vikasnagar – Dakpatthar – Koruwa – Chakrata  

Attraction Point

Tiger Fall – Tiger fall is a waterfall that is 20km away from Chakrata. Tiger fall is one of the highest direct waterfall having an elevation of 312 ft. In Uttarakhand, there are many waterfalls like Kempty fall, Bhatta fall, Corbett fall, and Tiger fall is one of the famous waterfalls of Uttarakhand. The height, speed, and the surrounding of the waterfall make it more beautiful and attractive.

If you’re going by Public Transport to Chakrata then you have to take a taxi to Tiger Falls. The taxi drivers may charge up to 2000-2500 Rupees for Chakrata Darshan. There are only a few restaurants available in between the route and there is only 1 food center near to base camp where you get food like Maggi, Bread, omelet, etc.


When you reach the base came you have two choices to reach the waterfall first is you can take your car near to the waterfall and the second is you can track. If you choose the car option, then you have to walk 100 meters from the parking or if you choose tracking then it’s about 3km from one side.

In case you’re trekking then you can park your car in the base camp but then have to pay the parking fee and in case if you decide to go by your car then you have to pay entry fees for the car. But in heavy rain please don’t go in your car because no proper roads are there, your car may be stuck in the mud.

Kanasar – After traveling about 25 km from Chakrata market on Tuini Road you will reach Kanasar which is surrounded by one of the best Deodar forests in Asia. There you will find many uneven shape roads, so drive carefully there and be ready for a bumpy ride.

For a picnic, Kanasar is the best place near Chakrata. If you want to stay, there then a forest house and tent accommodation are available there but you have to make a prior booking to stay there. Kanasar is a beautiful and peaceful place, when you spend some time there you feel you’re more connected to nature. Nature is a thing in which you can always find something new even but 1 day and 1 night are enough for Kanasar.

Deoban – We all must have heard about Rohtang Pass. Even some of you may have already gone there. Deoban is like the Rohtang Pass off Chakrata which at 2900 meters’ elevation and offers you the best view of the Himalayas. When the tourist doesn’t found snow in the winter season at Chakrata then mostly tourists go to Deoban which is approx. 15 km from her Chakrata Market.  Because after being a point for beautiful views of the Himalayas Deoban is the snow point also.

The Princess of Hill – The princess of the hill is situated just 25 km away in the east from the Chakrata which is known as Bairat Khai. You will get a straight view of the Himalayas covered by snow throughout the year even. With an elevation of 1990 meters, Bairat khai is surrounded by Churani Dhar and Julio Dhar. Mussoorie is just 60km away from Bairat khai which is the main reason most of the tourists to get attracted. The weather in summer is so pleasant and in winter you maybe can experience snowfall too there. In nearby valleys, many villages are built so you will not get any problem finding accommodation.

On that side of Uttarakhand, you will also find a vehicle that is older than 25 years. You will get to see a number plate starting from UP 8, that’s the thing where people of Delhi-NCR may get jealous.

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