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Delhi to Shimla can be reached by air, train, or road. However, because there is no direct train from Delhi to Shimla, the journey will be split into two halves. Shimla’s airport is likewise 20 kilometers from the city center.

Shimla is only 350 kilometers from Delhi, that’s why most Delhi residents plan to visit there anytime they have a weekend or vacation. Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh, hence it is well-developed and equipped with all necessary amenities. Shimla is the starting point for the majority of riders on the Spiti Circuit.

Shimla is not only a modern hill city, but it also has a spectacular vista. In this article, you’ll learn about locations to visit in Shimla, the weather of Shimla, how to reach Shimla, as well as other aspects of the city, such as what to do and what not to do.

Kufri is one of Shimla’s most popular tourist destinations, with snow and ice adventure sports in the winter and various other activities in the summer. This blog will also tell you about it.


Shimla – Capital of Himachal Pradesh

Shimla is the largest state of Himachal Pradesh. Before independence, Shimla was the summer capital of British India and after Independence, before Himachal Pradesh, it was the capital of Punjab, which is situated at a height of 2276 meters and has a population of about 2.5 lakh people. Shimla is well-known for its handicraft businesses, which specialize in wooden toys and crafts. Shimla is home to a variety of structures from the colonial era that are fashioned in Tudorbethan and neo-Gothic architecture, as well as numerous temples and churches.

When Delhiites get a weekend or holiday, they always want to go to a hill station. The most popular tourist hill destinations are Nainital, Mussoorie, Manali, and Shimla, which are all relatively close to Delhi. Shimla’s weather is always pleasant, which is why tourists adore it. Shimla was built on top of seven hills, the highest of which being Jakhu Hill. Shimla is also the first stop for most of the riders, who’s going towards Spiti Valley.

Shimla is not just popular with backpackers and riders, but it’s also a popular destination for family vacations and has become a popular point for honeymoon also. The best aspect about Shimla is that you can eat both indigenous Himachali cuisine and as well as food from well-known brands like Dominos. Shimla is the most easily accessible motorable state, hence it is equipped with all of the necessities.

Delhi to Shimla

The nicest aspect of the Delhi to Shimla route is that no matter which means of transportation you choose, you’ll get a beautiful experience. The views from the air are breathtaking, the train journey provides a unique memorial experience, and the road trip is full of breathtaking scenery. Delhi to Shimla can be reached in a day with any mode of transport. My bike trip from Delhi to Shimla is one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Delhi to Shimla by Air

Between Delhi to Shimla, there are no direct flights. The airport in Shimla is also 20 kilometers from the city center. If you still want to travel by plane, you can fly from Delhi to Chandigarh and then take a cab from there. Chandigarh to Shimla is 115 kilometers via Kalka and 140 kilometers via SH 16, but the latter route takes less time.

Delhi to Shimla by Train

The train journey from Delhi to Shimla can be completed in two phases. First Phase – Delhi to Kalka – The first train departs at 7:40 am and last at 9:10 pm, phase one takes 4 to 6 hour and ticket cost you around 190 – 1300 rupees. Second Phase –  Kalka to Shimla by Toy Train – Toy train departs from Kalka at 6:20 am and it takes 4:16 hours to reach Taradevi railway station which is 7 km from Shimla. There’re two more special train runnings from Kalka to Shimla.

Note – All of the above information, including times and prices, was obtained from IRCTC official website. However, before arranging your trip, I recommend that you double-check the timetables and price because they may have been altered by their owners.

Delhi to Shimla

Delhi to Shimla by Bus

According to me, the bus option is the best option to reach Shimla from Delhi by public transport because in this we don’t need to change bus anywhere. Between Delhi and Shimla, both government and private buses operate. HRTC’s first bus leaves at 06:45 a.m and the last leaves at 09:00 p.m with rates ranging from 530 to 1000 rupees. While the timing of private bus is 09:00 am to 11:30 pm with price 580 to 2000 rupees.

Note – All of the above information, including times and prices, was obtained from HRTC’s and Paytm’s official websites. However, before arranging your trip, I recommend that you double-check the timetables and price because they may have been altered by their owners.

Delhi to Shimla Road Trip

I did a road trip from Delhi to Shimla and I know many of you also want to do that. Shimla is approximately 350 kilometers from Delhi and can be reached in a day. The roads are in excellent condition, and the only traffic you’ll encounter is at the Toll Tax booth on the Chandigarh-Shimla Highway. If you wish to add another destination to your trip, you can stay in Kasauli or Chandigarh before going to Shimla. Kasauli and Chandigarh are both about 300 km from Delhi. But then you have to travel 110 km from Chandigarh and 70 km from Kasauli.

Weather of Shimla

MonthMin. TemperatureAvg. TemperatureMax. TemperatureRainy Days
Jan to March-1.7 to 3.3 °C4.4 to 10.6 °C11.2 to 17.3 °C6 to 10 Days
April to June7.8 to 15.1 °C15.5 to 20.6 °C22.1 to 25.3 °C9 to 13 Days
July to Sept17.3 to 13.6 °C20.3 to 17.8 °C23.6 to 22.3 °C20 to 14 Days
Oct to December7.9 to 0.1 °C14 to 6.5 °C20.1 to 13.9 °C5 to 3 Days
Shimla in Winter
Shimla in Winter

18 Things to do in Shimla

Shimla is a place where you may enjoy nature, serenity, a wide range of cuisines, adventure, and a hippie lifestyle. The more you discover it, the more you learn about it, a person in Shimla may either live a simple lifestyle or also luxury. Every sort of facility is accessible, and the location is ideal for shoppers. Let’s quickly move on to the things that can be done in Shimla.

  1. Lakkar Bazar – 550 M from city center

Lakkar Bazar is one of the things for which Shimla is famous, it’s a marketplace adjoining the Ridge in Shimla. Tourist attracts by wooden articles there. It is one of the busiest Bazar in the world which opens at 11 am and closes at 9 pm

2. Ice Skating in Shimla – 700 M from city center

In the lovely city of Shimla, ice skating is a popular activity. The Shimla Ice Skating Rink is well-known for being a naturally created rink in the town, as well as being the largest and only naturally formed rink in South Asia. It attracts visitors from all around the world, not just locals.

Timing – all days of the week from 8 am to 11 am

Price – 200 rupees per person

3. Jakhu Temple – 1.5 Km from city center

An ancient temple in Shimla that is dedicated to the Ram Bhakt Hanuman, Jakhu Temple is situated on Jakhu Hill. There is Lord Hanuman statue which is 108 feet tall. At Jakhu Temple beware of monkeys they may take your spectacles.

4. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies – 5km from the city center

It is a magnificent piece of Scottish architecture and houses a well-known Indian research institution. This monument’s interior is teak-paneled, with an entry gateway, a large staircase, and a fireplace, which are the greatest features to view here. It’s also known as Viceregal Lodge, and it’s hosted several events and conferences, including the Shimla Agreement of 1947. The interiors include a lovely drawing room, a dining hall, and a spectacular ballroom, and the architecture will wow you with its intricateness and exquisiteness.

Timing – 9:30 am to 4:50 pm

Price – 40 Rupees and 20 Rupees for Garden Visit

5. Army Heritage Museum – 3Km from city center

Museum gives you an insight into the 5,000-year-old rich history of military people, not only that you can also admire nature that. There is also a cactus museum and golf course. Don’t forget to carry your ID, without ID guards will not allow you to enter. There is no entry fee to visit the Annandale Army Heritage Museum in Shimla.

Timing – 10 am to 2 pm and 3 pm to 5 pm (Monday Closed)

6. The Ridge – 35 M from city center

The Ridge Road is a huge open space in Shimla’s downtown area. Shimla’s cultural activities are centered around the Ridge. It is situated along Mall Road. Sanjauli Snowdown (IGMC), Mall Road, Jakhu Temple, Oakover, Kali Bari, Annadale, and other significant Shimla locations are all connected by the Ridge.

7. Mall Road – 140 M from city center

Shimla’s shopping district, as well as a popular hangout place, is located on Mall Road. The Mall road, which was built under British colonial control, is situated below The Ridge. On Mall Road, municipal corporation, fire department, and police headquarters are situated.

8. Kufri – 20 Km from city center

Kufri, Shimla

Kufri is a hill station near the Himalayan Range and one of Shimla’s most renowned tourist attractions. Its appeal as a tourist destination has only grown in the last few decades. The annual winter sports event, held in February, is also hosted in Kufri. The event, which is organized by Himachal Pradesh’s travel and tourism department, is a prominent tourist draw. The festival’s primary feature is a skiing competition.

Kufri Fun World is a great place to visit if you enjoy rides and adventure. It is a children’s amusement park with a variety of fun rides. This park also has the world’s tallest go-kart track, which caters to both children and adults. If you’re visiting Kufri with children, be sure to visit this park. It will undoubtedly be the highlight of your journey. A canteen is located within a park to supply guests with refreshments.

Various sorts of rides are available in Kufri. You may go on a horseback ride, a yak ride, or an adventure ride of Chota Hathi. Apple orchards add to Kufri’s attractiveness, but don’t even try to break down the apple from the tree; you’ll be fined with a lot of money if you do.

9. Christ Church – 230 M from city center

Christ Church of Shimla, is the second oldest church in North India, after St John’s Church in Meerut. If you want to spend some ME time in Shimla surrounded by serenity and spirituality, Christ Church, located on the Ridge, is the place to go. Worship in Church is conducted in Hindi and English. Please maintain silence in the church.

Timing – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

10. Green Valley – 14 km from city center

Green Valley, Shimla

The Green Valley is a stunning mountain range that lies between Shimla and Kufri on the road to Kufri. On all sides, the Green Valley is bordered by green hills covered in dense pine and deodar woods. Yaks may be seen roaming and grazing in the valley regularly. Even though the area is underdeveloped for tourism, the abundant deodar and pine trees that border the magnificent hills continue to draw crowds and catch travelers’ attention. Rare creatures have been seen here on occasion. The Green Valley has also been featured in many Bollywood films due to its beauty and elegance.

11. Himachal State Museum – 2.5 km from city center

Located west of Scandal Point on the Inverarm Hill. The building’s history stretches back to colonial days when it was Lord William Beresford’s private house. He served as the Military Secretary to Lord William Bentinck, the Viceroy of India at the time. Sir Edwin Collan lived at the mansion after he left India, and Sir Edward Law lived there after that. It was used as the house of Indian government officials after independence. On January 26, 1974, it was converted into a museum with the primary purpose of collecting and conserving Himachal Pradesh’s historical, cultural, and archaeological objects.

Timing – 10 am to 5 pm (Monday Closed)

Price – 10 Rupees for Indians

12. Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex – 29 M from city center

The Gaiety Theatre is a fantastic place to visit if you’re interested in art. The Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, also regarded as one of India’s oldest cultural complexes, transports you back in time with its historical grandeur and allows you to relive British Era events.

Timing – 9 am to 5 pm ( Saturday and Sunday Closed)

Price – 10 Rupees without a camera for Indian and 25 rupees with a camera for Indian

13. Mashobra – 11 km from city center

Mashobra is a lush green expanse in Himachal Pradesh nestled away at a height of around 7700 feet, guaranteeing minimum human interference in the flow of nature to offer you the purest and freeing experience of your life.

Mashobra’s closeness to Shimla makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a tranquil small hill station. If you’re looking for a relaxing weekend getaway or a week-long holiday, Mashobra has plenty of resorts and breathtaking natural beauty.

14. Johnnie’s Wax Museum – 750 M from city center

Why travel to London when you can visit Shimla and experience a really unique and equally intriguing attraction? Johnnie’s Wax Museum, also known as Himachal Pradesh’s first wax museum, is a location where you may spend a few hours with life-size sculptures of renowned people from across the world. It is a wonderful place to spend time with your family and has become a must-see tourist attraction on the Shimla trip, attracting hundreds of visitors each day.

Take photos with some of your favorite celebs. Under one roof, rub elbows with celebrities and connect with legends. You’ll also get the opportunity to meet Bollywood stars, sports stars, pop music stars, and real-life heroes.

Timing – 10 am to 10 pm

Price – 250 rupees per person and free for children below 5 years

15. Scandal Point

Between the ridge and Mall Road, this is Shimla’s busiest area. Popular for vistas of the Himalayas, this pedestrianized area is dotted with stores and street food vendors.

16. Jakhoo Hill – 1.5 km from city center

Shimla is built atop seven hills, the largest of which is Jakhoo Hills, which stands at an elevation of 2500 meters. A 108-foot Hanuman statue stands tall among the deodar trees at this location. Every year on Dusshera, a celebration is held there.

17. Kali Bari Temple – 1 km from city center

The Hindu shrine Kali Bari Mandir is located atop Bantony Hill in Shimla. The shrine is devoted to Goddess Kali’s terrifying reincarnation, Shyamala, after whom Shimla is called. Near Jakhoo, the goddess is said to have existed.

Timings – 6:00 am to 7:00 pm

18. Chail 45 km from city center

Chail, a laid-back hill resort in Himachal Pradesh surrounded by magnificent pine and deodar woods, provides a relaxing escape from the hectic city life. Chail, a paradisiacal location located against the Shivalik hills, entices visitors with its gorgeous environment and untouched natural beauty.

Things to avoid in Shimla:

  1. Vehicles are strictly prohibited on Mall Road to Ridge, park your vehicle in the Parking before going there.
  2. Don’t try to enter those areas where the entry for civil people is prohibited.
  3. There is proper parking for vehicles in Shimla, park your car there only.
  4. Try to avoid going there in monsoon, that time visibility on roads gets low.
  5. Shimla is a beautiful city, don’t throw your waste material anywhere.

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