Complete information about Lodhi Garden, New Delhi

There are only a few greenish areas in New Delhi and the Lodhi garden is one of them. Lodi Garden or Lodhi garden is situated on Lodhi Road, New Delhi between the Khan Market and Safdarjung’s Tomb. (Click to get google Maps navigation)

The garden is spread in 90 acres and it has a tomb of Mohammed Shah, Sikandar Lodi, Shisha Gumbad, and Bara Gumbad. This garden is used in multiple ways by Delhiites. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) now protecting this garden.

Tomb, Lodhi Garden
Lodhi Garden

But it’s the most popular spot for a morning walk after Hauz Khas Park. There are so many gates in Lodhi Garden you can enter it from anywhere but parking is available on only gate number 1 and gate number 4. Lodhi Road near gate number 4 is also a good place for a walk, there on the wall you will find some good graffiti. Also, Jor Bagh is just a few meters away from the Garden which is one of the most Porsche areas of Delhi.

How to Reach Lodhi Garden?

There are many ways to reach Lodhi Garden, you can take a cab, you can also choose public transport either can go by your vehicle, or else you can take a bicycle on rent up to there. But why you want to get stuck in Delhi traffic when you can choose an easy way that is Delhi Metro.

Walking Path, Lodhi Garden
Walking Path

The nearest metro to Garden is Jor Bagh which is just 700-800 meters away. You can walk up to the Lodhi Garden if you want or else you can take the auto just outside from the metro station which takes approx. 40-50 rupees per round.

Reason to visit Lodhi Garden!

Now the main question comes when there are so many places to visit in Delhi then why visit a garden? I mean gardens are almost available everywhere in the world, then why visit Lodhi Garden?

Lodhi Garden

Come let’s find it out

  • The most important reason to visit Lodhi Garden is to see its greenery and its architecture. The Garden is well surrounded by different types of trees and plants. Everyone knows how polluted Delhi air is that’s why the big crowd over there is a fitness freak because they found some good oxygen at least there. People use to do Jogging, Running, Zumba, Meditation, and different types of Exercise there.
People Doing Exercise In Lodhi Garden
People Doing Exercise In Lodhi Garden
  • Lodhi Garden is also one of the best places for a photoshoot in Delhi. But commercial shoot is not allowed without the permission of the authority. Gimbal, Reflector, and Diffusor are also not allowed in the garden. If you want to do your shoot then you can do it with your camera, the camera is allowed until and unless you’re doing any commercial shoot. Most of the couples choose that place for the pre-wedding shoot.
  • In Lodhi Garden with greenery, you will find so many birds and dogs. Dogs have friendly nature if you initiate they will also play with you. Caretakers of the garden are taking care of the pets also. They are getting a proper meal and they’re so healthy, so do not give anything like this which can affect their health.
  • Not for only fitness freak and nature lovers but Lodhi Garden is a favorite spot for couples also. Couples come there from different places to spend some quality time because that park is open for all. Water bottle and chips you can buy in the park. But if you want to eat ice cream, sandwiches, etc. you will get it outside the park. Also, the water cooler is there in the park if you carrying your bottle you can fill from them.
  • If you want to spend some time in peace away from the city crowd, then in that case Lodhi Garden is the perfect place for you. There are so many spots in the garden which is good for a peaceful time but my favorite spot is Pond. Also, the Ducks in the pond are so attractive. You will also find some good painters in the park.
  • Things that are created by you are always better than the things you buy or copy from others. You can create your wallpaper or your photography portfolio easily there because the garden is so huge. You will get some good pictures there; all you need to be just at the right place at the right time.
  • Lodhi Garden is one of the favorite spots for a picnic. Many Delhiites people come there with family and some food, for a small picnic. Even if you want to do any meeting then instead of doing a meeting again and again in a cafe or a restaurant you can try this park too.
Pond Side

Entry and timings

Lodhi Garden is open on all the days of the week from 6 am to 7:30 pm. There is no entry fee for the park. Even the parking is also free. But in this corona situation without a mask, you are not allowed to enter the park. Delhi Police and the staff of the Garden are always roaming in the park if you will find without a mask they will charge you a fine. Also, you have to maintain social distancing in the park.

No Entry Without Mask

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