New Delhi to Visakhapatnam Trip in Just 8000 Rupees – Things That Can Make Your Trip the Best


A place that is totally unknown to you and where your mother language is also different from others. That place can be a headache for you instead of a beautiful trip. From Delhi to Vishakhapatnam is not that trip which you can do anytime whenever you want.

Vishakhapatnam is a worth city to visit but your trip can be worst if you don’t have a prior idea of the things. You only have to do just some planning and research about the place you’re going and in this blog, I will tell you all things you must have to know and get a full itinerary for 7 days.

Don’t get confused between Vizag and Vishakhapatnam. Visakhapatnam is formerly known as Vizagapatam (also known as Vizag). Vizag is the executive capital of Andhra Pradesh and it’s also one of the most populated states of Andhra Pradesh. After Chennai, Vizag is the second-largest city on the East Coast of India. Out of the four smart cities in Andhra Pradesh Vishakhapatnam is the one. Besides the international port, Visakhapatnam is also famous for its steel industry.

New Delhi to Visakhapatnam

Before my first visit to Vizag, I think that Visakhapatnam is just a city of beaches but I was wrong. That city is really awesome and many things that you can experience there. Let me give you a virtual tour of Vizag. Which gonna help you to plan your trip.

Day 1 & Day 2

Vishakhapatnam is a beautiful city, even you can spend a whole month here without getting bored. But in this busy world, we all get a limited time to travel and find out new things. So here I am to help you with the things and timings that can help you to complete your Vizag Tour in 7 Days only.

On Day 1, I Abroad a Train from New Delhi02806‘ at 8 pm which takes approx. 32hrs to reach Visakhapatnam Railway station. Night of Day 1 and 2 I spend on the train. This train covers 2100 km from different states and in the city. Starting from Delhi I crossed many states. Map Route (Of states) :
Delhi – Uttar Pradesh – Madhya Pradesh – Maharashtra – Telangana – Andhra Pradesh

Day 3

Visakhapatnam Railway Station
Visakhapatnam Railway Station

After reaching the railway station early in the morning (4:30 AM). I take the auto and move to the Kamlesh Hotel. Which was approximately 2km from the railway station. And after some bargaining, I decide to stay there for 5 days and 4 nights at the price of ₹400 per day, Staff of the hotel was very cooperative and helpful. The places which are the main spots of Vizag and I wanted to see. I designed them properly on a map and Kamlesh Hotel was luckily the center point for all the locations.

Designed Map

The Best and cheapest way to explore Vizag is by Two-Wheeler. There are many agencies available in the Vizag that give two-wheelers on rent, But Mr. Bike Rentals is available just 100 M from the Railway Station. From where I take scooty on rent for just 400 Rupees for 24 hours (Excluding Petrol). On day 3, I cover Lawson Beach and go for a city walk. In Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner I have South Indian food like Dosa, Idli, Upma, etc. Which is highly recommended from my side at that place. Lawson Beach is a great place to witness the beautiful sunset.

Lawson Beach, Vizag
Lawson Beach

Day 4

The Best Time to Visit Visakhapatnam is November to January for North Indian People. Even you find some humidity at that time. So Leave your room as early as possible and go to RK Beach which is also known as Ramakrishna Beach which is around 6 km from the Kamlesh Hotel. Beach is good but a little crowded even at 7 am because lots of people come for their morning exercise and walk.

Rk Beach, Vizag
Rk Beach

After spending some time at Rk Beach I moved to my next destination i.e. Kailasagiri which is approx. 8 km. Kailasagiri is a picnic spot for the local people of Vishakhapatnam so try to avoid going there on Weekends. Kailasagiri is famous for Bhagwan Shiv and Mata Parvathi, Toy Train, Titanic View Point, Gardens, and Restaurants. You can reach Kailasagiri by Ropeway/Auto/Tracking/Personal vehicle. You have to pay 20 Rupees as a two-wheeler entry charge. Other details related to Kailasagiri that you must have known before going there:

Kailasagiri Opens at 10 am
Price for RopewayRupees 90/per person (One way)
Toy Train charges100 To 150/per person
Entry FeesNo entry fee
Kailasagiri, Vishakhapatnam

After having my brunch, I moved to my next destination i.e. Thotlakonda. The distance between Kailasagiri and Thotlakonda is 16 km. Thotlakonda is also the Picnic Spot for the local people but this place is a little big in comparison to Kailasagiri that’s why you don’t find so much rush there.

You can spend a good quality time there and witness the beauty of nature with some amazing views. Here you also have to pay 20 rupees for a two-wheeler entry. In Front of Thotlakonda, some restaurants are famous for their non-veg food, if you’re a non-veg lover don’t forget to check out that restaurants.

Thotlakonda Entry Gate
View from Thotlakonda

Day 5

Your Trip is considered incomplete if you’re going to Vishakhapatnam but not covering Araku Valley. Araku valley is 130 km away from Vishakhapatnam. But trust me this small trip in between a trip is something that you never going to forget.

Araku Valley
Araku Valley

How to Reach Araku Valley?

You can take the train from Vishakhapatnam railway station. But there is only one train running from both sides. If you missed it then your budget is really going to be in huge trouble. Which leaves at 6:50 AM from Vishakhapatnam railway station and at 3:45 PM from Araku Valley.

If you want to reach there by scooty then you have to take the scooty on rent from Ever Green Travels because Mr. Bike Rentals don’t allow to take Non-gear vehicle out of the city and Ever Green Travels is in front of Kamlesh Hotel. Prices are the same and both the agency gives you 1 complimentary helmet for your safety and also there are no security fees in both the agency all you need just to submit your Driving License and fill a form there.

Araku Valley
Araku Valley

Points of Interest in Araku valley are:

  • Tribal Museum
  • Bamboo Chicken
  • Bamboo Tea
  • Valley
  • Water Fall
  • Borra Caves
  • And from there you can get also different types of Honey.

Tribal Museum – In this museum, you gonna see Traditional Arts, Handicrafts, Ornaments, and Textiles used by Indigenous Tribes. This museum is a must-visit place in Araku valley. In Tribal Museum there are 40 Rupees per person entry charge.

Tribal Museum, Araku Valley
Araku Valley Overview in Tribal Museum
Tribal Museum, Araku Valley
Tribal Museum

Important Note – In the Araku Valley, there are only 2 Restaurants that provide breakfast. So, do your breakfast in the middle of the Route because there is so much rush in restaurants.

After the tribal museum, I moved to Borra caves for which I take the return route to Vizag City and as you can see in the map route of Vizag city there is a cut in the route and from that cut, you have to travel at least 7 km to reach Borra Caves. And in between the route, you can also go for Katiki Waterfall which is 4 km from the cut. There are so many waterfalls in Araku valley but I personally recommend you Katiki waterfall because to reach there you have to trek for 4 km and also find some good views on the trek. Both places are worth visiting.

Borra Caves
Borra Caves
Timing10 AM to 5 PM (Lunch – 1 PM to 2 PM)
Borra caves Ticket70₹ per person
Locker Charge10₹ per bag
Katiki waterfall Parking charge20₹ for two-wheeler
Prices and Timings
Katiki Waterfall, Araku Valley
Katiki Waterfall
Borra Caves

Day 6

As I said earlier Visakhapatnam is a humid area. So, always start your journey as early as possible. After driving for 1 hour I reached Bheemli Beach which is 35 Km from the city. This beach has become one of the favorite beaches of India and especially of Vizag.
Less crowded and really beautiful and peaceful beach.
Here you can also witness the fishing too.
Hotels and homestay are also available near to the beach.

Bheemli Beach, Vizag

From Bheemli Beach Rushikonda Beach is 20 km. There you can experience many water sports activities. Which are temporally closed due to Covid. Also, you have to pay 10 Rupees parking charge for a two-wheeler.

Rushikonda Beach is the beach which is famous for its various activities like :
You can enjoy noodles there. Just imagine the view with the noodles on the beach.
That beach is also good for doing exercise, especially Yoga.
You can also take the Electric Scooter Ride over there.
Beach chairs are also present there on which you can enjoy some peaceful time with a fantastic view.

Scuba Diving, Sea kayaking, Paramotoring, Speed boating, and Jetski are the water sports activities which you can enjoy there.
And on the beach, beach guards are always present to rescue the people in case of any emergency.

If you want to stay, there for a night hotels are also available there.

Rushikonda Beach
Rushikonda Beach


Submarine Museum

If you’re going to Vishakhapatnam then must have to visit VMRDA INS Kursura Submarine Museum.
After visiting the museum you will realize that in which conditions our Navy stays just stay to protect us. The museum is approximately 15 km away from Rushikonda beach.

  • Timing- 2 pm to 8:30 pm
    Price- 50₹ per person
    No parking fees (you can park your scooty on-road)
    In front of the Submarine museum, you can also find the Aircraft museum, Sea war memorial, Sea harrier museum.
    The timing of all museums is the same.
  • In the Museum Two guides are also present which gives you some information related to the museum free of cost.
Sea War Memorial
Sea War Memorial

After visiting the museums, you can move to the next point: Dolphin Light House, which is 20 km from the Submarine Museum. Dolphin Light House is famous for the Dolphin Shape Mountain and the amazing view from the lighthouse. Dolphin Lighthouse opens at 3 pm and closes at 5 pm. But it’s temporarily closed due to Covid. But you can visit Yarada Beach which is just 3 km from the lighthouse.

Note – A few kilometers before the lighthouse is a very restricted Porsche area under the Indian Army. So follow all the rules and don’t do anything stupid over there.

Yarada Beach
Yarada Beach

Day 7

The next day takes Train No. 02887 to New Delhi which takes approximately 35 hours to reach. This train covers 2000 km and takes a different route which is different from the train we take to reach Vishakhapatnam. Map routes of states – Andhra Pradesh – Orissa – Chhattisgarh – Maharashtra – Madhya Pradesh – Haryana – Uttar Pradesh – Delhi


In the end, I want to say:
Vishakhapatnam is not the city of beaches only. It’s a very beautiful city of mountains, Museums, a Valley, Peace, and Tribute. We can also say that Vizag is dedicated to the Indian Navy. The city is really beautiful and clean. In the city, after every 100 meters, you can find a dustbin on the streets. And in the city, you will also notice that women are more independent there in comparison to men.

It’s a very good place to spend time with family, couples, and even solo travelers too. Language may be a problem there but in communication, you don’t find any problem because people over there are so helpful and friendly in nature they’re always ready to help you.

Expenses (For Solo)

Train₹1800 (Sleeper class)
Hotel₹1600 (Four nights)
Parking & EntryApprox. ₹300
Transport₹2400 ( Scooty rent + petrol)
TotalAround ₹8000
In Short
Itinerary in Short

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