Traveler vs Tourist

Exploring and visiting a new place is the job of both the tourist and the traveler, but the way of doing that job makes them different from each other.

Going from one place to another and exploring them is cool, but this is the most important question that you could ask yourself that you’re going there as a tourist or as a traveler?

Traveler and Tourists both make a plan before going to any new place but a tourist gets worried when the plan goes blunder, while a traveler pretends that there is a backup plan and move on with the current things and accepts that nothing can be predictable or safe because for a traveler everything is adventures.

Would take the picture of thingsWould ask questions about things before taking the picture
Goes on a trip with familyGoes on a trip with friends or travel solo
A tourist visitsA traveler explores
Gives more time to shoppingGives more time to local people
Tourists go on holidayTraveler go on traveling
A Tourist will found with the selfie stickA Traveller will found with the Tripod
Depends upon the traveling agency and guideGoes with the research and does not depend on anyone.
Traveler vs Tourist

Difference between Tourist and Traveler

Traveler vs Tourist

Tourism is increasing day by day in the whole world and there the main reason of it two types of people who travel among which one is a tourist and another is a traveler.

While naturally, no one is neither bad nor good, both have different a  personality and nature that sooner or later give them a different exposure while venturing out into the world.

Let’s talk about their way and personality which make them different from each other:

1. Purpose of Trip –  A tourist always has a purpose for going somewhere, like – they go on a vacation or they go on a business trip or else they go to meet somebody.

On the other hand, a traveler doesn’t need a purpose to go somewhere, if they decide to go somewhere then they don’t wait for any specific reason or time.   

2. Point of View – A tourist always has a curiosity about where the crowd is going because they’re also a part of that and they only see what they come to see.

While a traveler always chooses that way on which they can be alone to enjoy the moment peacefully and the traveler sees what he sees.

3. Importance of Moment – Tourists always try to imprisonment every moment with a selfie stick with the belief that in the future they can relive it again.

But a traveler understands that life if we have to live our life we have to live it in the present moment, we can’t live it by documenting.

Importance of Moment

4. Matter of Comfort For the journey, tourists mostly pack clothes that they will be comfortable in, which sometimes make them odd out. Most of the time comfortable clothes make them unfashionable and sometimes also there is a risk of being not respectful to other country’s fashion norms.

In this case, travelers play smartly. They pack clothes that are comfortable, functional, and fashionable so they can be easily a part of the cultural norms.

5. Point of Attraction – For a tourist, the point of attraction is only the main sight because they stay in their comfort zone. Except for people with they’re traveling, they hesitate to go out and travel with other people.

While travelers always try to talk to the locals and find out the unexplored places of the town. They always go beyond their comfort zone and always were busy finding something new and unique for their travel stories. 

6. What’s in the Food – When a tourist goes to an unknown new place then he orders only that food with which he is familiar and where the communication is easy they always demand their favorite food.

Travelers always try the local food to find out how it is linked with the culture of the place. A traveler is always curious to know about the taste of the place and when they’re in a familiar place they will adjust even with the maggie. 

Food Quotes

7. Footprints – When the tourist come back from the trip they have a lot of stuff to show because they try to capture everything with a selfie stick.

When the traveler came from a trip they have a lot of stories to tell because they take the picture of things only after questioning about them.

8. The Gang – The schedule of family matters a lot for tourists because they are traveling with them or we can also say that they are dependent on them to travel.

While a traveler never depends on anyone either they travel with friends and if friends are busy then they travel solo.

9. Time Management – For the tourist-free time is always shopping time, they want to buy at least one thing in remembrance of the trip.

While the traveler gives their most of the time to the locals, which helps him to gain more knowledge about the place and more about their lifestyle of the locals.

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10. Master Plan – The main difference between the tourist and the traveler is that tourist only has a plan up to reaching a particular place and after they are dependent on a travel agency or guide.

While the traveler has a master plan, they very well know what to do after reaching the point because they already research a lot about the place and study maps very well.

11. The journey is the destination – I know when you have a fixed plan and in that case, you failed to reach the decided destination on time then sometimes this thing would become the reason for the trouble. That’s why tourists in the worry of reaching the destination forget to enjoy the journey.

While the travelers think that the journey is the destination and he enjoys the journey without getting worried about reaching the destination. Travelers always tell themself that this journey is more beautiful than the destination so enjoy it as much as you can.

12. Hospitality – A tourist wants every type of facility at the time of their stay. That’s why they only stay in well-developed hotels and resorts where every facility is available. If a tourist wants to do camping for adventure, they go with the camping agent who wi arrange everything for them.

But a traveler always wants to connect with locals, probably that’s why traveler stays in homestay. In a homestay, he hardly gets basic facilities but more gets to know about locals. When it comes to adventure then travelers set up their camp and arrange everything on their own.

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Tourism play important role in the GDP and the development of a country. Tourism not only makes a place better but also helps locals to be self-dependent and both TOURISTS and TRAVELLERS are the main players of TOURISM.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you are a tourist or a traveler. What matters is ‘YOU’, you should do whatever makes you happy. But don’t forget that magic happens outside of your comfort zones, so keep trying new things and be curious.


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