Visit the World’s highest Lord Shiva Temple in just 1000 rupees – Tungnath

There are so many temples Of Lord Shiva in the world but you will find the world’s highest Lord Shiva Temple only in Tungnath, Chopta (Uttarakhand). Tungnath Temple is situated approx 3500 meters above ground level. Out of Five Panch Kedar Temples Tungnath is the highest. Which form Alaknanda and Mandakini River Valleys.

Many of us don’t know but Pandavas (Heroes of Mahabharat) were linked with Tungnath. Tungnath was built by the Pandavas when Vyas Rishi advised them because their act of killing their own cousins in the Kurukshetra war could be pardoned by only Lord Shiva. Chandrshila is just above Tungnath, from where you get the view of the Himalayas, Trishul, Kedar Peak, Bandarpunch, and Chaukhamba Peaks.


There are only a few accommodations in Tungnath. Either you can stay in Dharmshala which is just near Tungnath Temple or you can stay in Chopta. When you’re checking the prices of that accommodation online or go booking your stay at the time of visit then you always see out that prices are starting from at least rupees 1200.

So the question that comes to your mind after reading the heading of this article is when the accommodation is starting by 1200, then how is possible to complete your trip in just 500 Rupees? I know that’s the only question that creates a point of interest to this article and to get the knowledge of that question you will continue to read this article.


I think as a traveler it’s my duty that I will help other’s travelers to travel on a low budget. In this article, I’m gonna tell you that how I took a tour of the world’s highest Lord Shiva Temple in just 1000 Rupees.

I always hear people saying that they can’t travel because of a lack of money. But my friends, travelling is not a matter of money but of courage. To travel in budget/fewer expenses you just have to do some planning and compromise.

Important Things:

Before talking about the budget let me tell you some more important things which you must have an idea about Tungnath Temple. To reach Tungnath Temple you first have to reach Chopta which is in Rudraprayag District, Uttarkhand. Tungnath temple mainly opens from May to October but you can go there at any time of the year but then you will get the Darshan of Only a closed gate(dvaar).

From Chopta you have to trek for 7km to reach Tungnath Temple, Trek is not hard at all. You just have to maintain continuity and have some patience. In between the trek, you will find many shops where you can find many things to eat and drink but yes you will get them at the price double to MRP. And don’t forget to go to Chandrshila when you’re going to Tungnath. Chandrshila is just 2km above Tungnath Temple.

Note – Photography and videography are strictly prohibited inside the Temple.

World Highest Lord Shiva Temple
World Highest Lord Shiva Temple

Nearby Places:

Chopta to Kedarnath – Distance 80Km

Chopta to Badrinath – Distance 180Km

Chopta to Auli – Distance 140km

Chopta to Valley of Flowers – Distance 155km

Chopta to Mana – Distance 180km

Chopta to Deoria Tal – Distance 57km

Chopta to Rudranath – Distance 95km

Chopta to Kalpeshwar – Distance 120km

Chopta to Madhyamaheshwar – Distance 50km

Chopta to Nanda National Park – Distance 155km

Let’s divide these places in two ways so you will get more idea that which place is on which side. On Google map Kedarnath is on the Left side of Chopta and Badrinath is On the Right side of Chopta. On the left side of the map, you will find Deoria Tal, Madhyamaheshwar, and Kedarnath while the remaining things you find on the right side of the Chopta.

So I would suggest you cover Tungnath Temple while when you’re going to any Panch Kedar or Badrinath. Ignore covering it with Auli, Valley of Flowers, or Nanda Devi National Park. (Note – You can reach Kalpeshwar at any time of the year.)

Reason – Because these are the places which the opens & close at a similar time.

Trek To World Highest Lord Shiva Temple

What to do?

I traveled to Tungnath Temple when I visit the Kedarnath temple. After Srinagar, there is only one route to reach Kedarnath Temple and after Bhiri and before Guptkashi there are two ways to reach Chopta. One is from Dharsemi and another one is from Makku.

I recommend you to take the Dharsemi route because the Makku route is totally from the jungle and the road is also not good.

I left for Chopta after the Darshan of Kedar Dham. I was already awarded that the price for accommodation in Chopta is high. So, I and my friends decided that we’re going to stay a few kilometers before the Chopta and leave early in the morning. Because one day is enough to complete the trek and come back. Fortunately, we take the right decision to stay few kilometers before the Chopta because there we pay for accommodation around only 200 Rupees per head, and for Veg Plate 100 Rupees per head. This is about one-fourth of the price that we have to pay if we live in Chopta.

After reaching Chopta up to 7-8 am in the morning you can have your breakfast there. You can leave your luggage in the same restaurant where you have your breakfast. Some may take 20-30 Rupees per bag and Some keep your bag for free if you have a good breakfast there. A person takes 4-6 hours to reach Tungnath Temple from Chopta depending on the fitness and stamina. And to reach Chandrshila from Tungnath Temple a person takes hardly 1 hour.

From Chandrshila to Chopta you can reach in hardly 3-4 hours. So if you start your trek by 9 am in the morning you can be back by 3 pm. There is no need to stay there until and unless you don’t want to do camping there. Chopta is also famous for camping but checks out the price first of tent if the price suits your pocket and you have an extra day then you can do camping there. 

If you want to do camping and want to leave the next morning, then it’s totally fine, or else you can move to your next destination that could be Badrinath or way back home.

Trek to Tungnath


Instead of staying on the main spot try to stay few kilometers before that and always leave your hotel as early as possible in the morning so you can complete your trek on time.

Try to stay in a homestay instead of staying in a hotel because they cost less and at the same time you get a very friendly and peaceful atmosphere there. In addition, the food at the homestay is very tasty and healthy.

Life in the mountains is very difficult. People of mountains have only a few sources of income. By staying in Homestays you can help local people in earning some extra income. 

Amazing view from the top of the mountain


Stay – 200 to 250 per person

Dinner – 100 to 150 per person

Transportation – 200 to 300 per person

Luggage Charge – 20 to 30 per beg

Breakfast – 150 to 200 per head


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