Untouched Beauty of Uttarakhand – Dakra Village

Without any doubt, I can say every mountain is beautiful and has the potential to add a positive approach to our life.  Living in the hills, may not solve all our problems but will surely give us much-needed escape!

But in today’s time, we see hill stations like Shimla, Manali, Nainital, Mussoorie, etc. are always so crowded, that it feels like that we are in the Chandi Chowk market of Delhi. Travelers like me want to stay away from the crowd most of the time. Especially when we are going on mountains we want more peace there.

In this blog, I am going to tell you about the Dakra village which is one of the most beautiful hill stations I ever visited in my life and the best part of that village is it’s untouched by the crowd. The protection of the Himalayas makes this village many times more beautiful.

Untouched Beauty of Uttarakhand
Dakra Village

Dakra VillageThe Untouched Beauty of Uttarakhand

Dakra village is situated in the Dehradun District of Uttarakhand which is just 6km away from Chakrata. Like the Mussoorie and Nainital of Uttarakhand Dakra doesn’t have a huge mall road or many tourists point. But that place is so peaceful with many beautiful views and especially it is the untouched beauty of Uttarakhand, you can spend many days there. The wind that comes from the Himalayas makes the air of Dakra so pure that you can easily feel the purity of nature. If you’re going in winters, there maybe you will witness snowfall too there. That place and people of there is so simple that you don’t see any high so-called lifestyle there.

  • Map Route: – Dehradun – Selakui – Vikasnagar – Dakpatthar – Koruwa – Chakrata – Dakra

For their daily income, most of the people of the Dakra dependent upon the shops which they have in the main market of Chakrata, some have shops in Dakra too. While few getting money from their hotel and homestay only. Like the other people of Uttarakhand, the Dakra Village people are also very helpful and friendly, that’s why you would never feel like that you’re away from your home. They will treat you like their family, they will seat with you and can talk with you about their lifestyle and other things if you are interested in listening to them.

Dakra Village
Untouched Beauty

There are no so many things to do in Dakra village because that area is under the Military. There is a small trek to Sunrise from the main Dakra market which can even a beginner trekker can do. Trust me watching the sunrise when the Himalayas are in the background is the most beautiful feeling in the world. There is also very beautiful ground there but you’re not allowed to go there if the military practice is going on.

Some people these days are working from home and some have the freedom to work from anywhere. If you want to work from the mountains then in that case also Dakra is perfect for you, a beautiful place surrounded by nature and also there is no internet connection issue. If any girl wants to travel there solo so she can go without any hesitation because that place is very safe but the only problem there you faced if you don’t have your vehicle there is not so much public transport available, that’s why you have no option other than walking a lot or wait for the public transport.

View From Room

People of Dakra don’t have so many sources of income. So, if you’re going to Chakrata please try to spend some time in Dakra too. They are running homestays for some additional income at a very affordable price. Even hotels in Chakrata are so costly that at that price you can spend 2-3 days in Dakra. They can give you a room for just 2000 rupees and there are rooms are so spacious that four adults can easily live there. Rooms are well decorated and have an attached washroom with other amenities like T.V, Geyser, and Room heater. In 2000 Rupees, unlimited dinner and morning tea are also included.

The majority of Indians likes Rajma and it almost finds in every state of India and every almost uses a different technique to make it. Dakra people use a different technique to make it and it’s also one of the famous dishes there. You can try Rajma there; you will get a different taste of rajma there.

Note: – Roads are slippery in the rainy season and after a snowfall, driving can be dangerous there. So, try to avoid driving at that time and stay inside in your place. And carrying extra clothes to the mountains always like a plan B which can help you in an emergency.

View from room

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